Modern life in the paintings by Erika Lee Sears

Modern life in the paintings by Erika Lee Sears

Giulia Guido · 3 years ago · Art

Sometimes there are moments in our days that we wouldn’t want to remember, in which we wouldn’t want anyone to see us because we are completely undone, tired and demoralized. They can be the evenings when we are so tired that we don’t feel like cooking and so we order some junk food, or those when we jump into the tub and try to isolate ourselves from the world for ten minutes.
These moments are the subjects of Erika Lee Sears‘ paintings. 

Erika Lee Sears is an artist from Portland, Oregon who specializes in oil painting. Before devoting herself full time to her art, she worked as a clerk in a company, a job that did not satisfy her, and she painted only in the evenings or on weekends experimenting and learning the technique as a self-taught artist. A few years ago, then, she decided to take the plunge and leave her job to fully commit to her career as an artist. 

To inspire her paintings is her life as a mother of two children, so among her works we find some that represent the few moments of calm that she devotes to herself, like eating a fruit in the morning before everyone wakes up or relax in the tub, while others capture those moments of chaos that added one to another make the days very long: doing the washing, going to the supermarket, putting in order the refrigerator. 

One of the main features of many works by Erika Lee Sears is the point of view: the paintings are almost always subjective, we see things exactly as if we were her and in this way the identification is even stronger. 

We have selected only a few of her works, but to find out more go to the website of Erika Lee Sears and follow her on Instagram

Erika Lee Sears
Erika Lee Sears
Erika Lee Sears
Erika Lee Sears
Erika Lee Sears
Modern life in the paintings by Erika Lee Sears
Modern life in the paintings by Erika Lee Sears
Modern life in the paintings by Erika Lee Sears
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All for the Gram – Venice in pattern

All for the Gram – Venice in pattern

Giulia Guido · 3 years ago · Art

After a tour in the Milanese subway, with this appointment of All for the Gram, our column on Instagram profiles to follow, we take you to Venice with the profile Venice in pattern.

Now many of you will think that this is yet another account with photos of patterns that can be found on the street, such as walls with particular tiles or geometric decorations on the facades of buildings. Well, this time is different.

In fact Venice in pattern is much more than an Instagram profile, it is the project of Ilaria Pittana and Ilaria Pitteri that lead us to discover their city in an unusual and original way.
The two creators of the project have combined their skills and their specializations to create a story of Venice that starts from photography and arrives to graphics.

In concrete terms, Ilaria Pittana, architect, takes care of all the photographic part of the profile going to find the decorative elements, the professional figures, the typical foods that are part of the culture and history of the city. Then, in a second moment, Ilaria Pitteri, graphic designer, is inspired by the shots to create beautiful patterns, sometimes minimal and sometimes more complex.

You have surely never done a tour in Venice like this, and like every trip you can buy a little souvenir, in fact the patterns were then used on bookmarks and notebooks available on Venice in Pattern online shop.

All for the Gram – Venice in pattern
All for the Gram – Venice in pattern
All for the Gram – Venice in pattern
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Faceless, the faceless portraits by Coco Dávez

Faceless, the faceless portraits by Coco Dávez

Giulia Guido · 3 years ago · Art

Is something more noticeable if it’s there or if it’s not? It’s one of those questions that always make you think and the answers sometimes give rise to real genius ideas. For example, in the field of advertising, we often see campaigns for iconic products based on their absence: McDonald‘s did it a few years ago, and Coca-Cola before that. It’s like saying that that product there is so recognizable that you don’t need to show it, people will imagine it anyway.
Here, we can say that this is the same principle that Coco Dávez applied to her personal project Faceless

Coco Dávez, born Valeria Palmeiro, is a Spanish artist who lives and works in Madrid. Born in 1989, she began to paint in her twenties, in 2010, gaining some success in the field of publishing. A few years later, due to the crisis that has suffered the industry has had to reinvent itself and passed a period of stop in 2013 has begun to create again without stopping. 

Her production alternates between works on commission for clients such as Vitra, Kenzo, Prada, New Balance and many other personal projects. Among these, the one that stands out is the aforementioned Faceless, which has brought her to be known worldwide. 

Each painting in this series represents a famous person, real or fictional, with a style synthesized to the maximum: Coco Dávez does not use more than 4 or 5 colors that are always bright and vibrant, there are no outlines or contours and the shapes are simple and decisive.
The main feature of these works is that the artist does not draw their faces, but although missing the mouths, eyes, noses, eyebrows, their image is so iconic that we can still recognize them. 

From the most obvious, like Mickey Mouse or David Bowie to the most “difficult” like Bill Murray or Don Draper, no matter who the character in question is, the small details that characterize it will be enough to not make us wrong. 

But Coco Dávez likes to change, that’s why, in addition to Faceless, on her website and on her Instagram profile we can find other works, some even more minimalist others more realistic. In any case, her signature are the colors she uses, among which the primary ones are never missing. 

Coco Dávez
Coco Dávez
Faceless, the faceless portraits by Coco Dávez
Faceless, the faceless portraits by Coco Dávez
Faceless, the faceless portraits by Coco Dávez
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Elena Gual gives voice to women through painting

Elena Gual gives voice to women through painting

Giulia Guido · 3 years ago · Art

Never as in these days, during which millions of women have seen their rights and freedoms disappear from one day to the next, it is important to give them a voice and visibility by any means possible.
Spanish artist Elena Gual has been doing this since she started painting, that is, since before 2016, the year she graduated from the “Florence Academy of Art”. 

During her years of study, Elena Gual approached mainly classical painters, but also from more recent artists such as Van Gogh and the Impressionists. What she has learned is reflected in her works that also present a modern and original touch. 

Her artistic production consists mostly of portraits of women from all over the world. Having had the good fortune to travel from a young age, Elena Gual has visited different places and countries where she has met beautiful women who, due to strict rules, did not have the opportunity to express themselves freely. So her paintings soon became the means to give them a voice. 

Elena Gual’s portraits are made with a special spatula technique: the contours of the figures are well outlined and the color is applied in thick, dense spatula strokes visible to the naked eye that transform the canvas into a sort of bas-relief. 

In addition to the profiles and the different skin tones, the artist always adds some details and accessories that not only give vibrant touches of light but also symbolize certain cultures and traditions such as very long earrings or colored turbans as headgear. 

We have selected just a few of her paintings, but to find out more visit her website and follow her on Instagram

Elena Gual gives voice to women through painting
Elena Gual gives voice to women through painting
Elena Gual gives voice to women through painting
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Rick Rubin for Supreme, photo tee and wisdom

Rick Rubin for Supreme, photo tee and wisdom

Andrea Tuzio · 3 years ago · Art, Style

A few days ago Supreme presented the first drop of Fall/Winter 2021 and, among the items sold out in minutes, there is the photo tee dedicated to Rick Rubin.
Originally planned for 2018, the tee was released just last Thursday in 7 different colorways.

Three days ago, on its Instagram profile, the skate brand founded by James Jebbia in 1994, posted a video interview with the most important and influential music producer of the last 20 years, where Rubin gives some pearls of absolute wisdom in a meditative context.

Frederick Jay Rubin, known as Rick, was born in Long Island, New York, in 1963 to a family of Polish Ashkenazi Jewish origin. He started with music at a very young age, playing guitar in a New York punk rock band, the Hose, after which, in 1983, together with Russell Simmons, he founded Def Jam Recordings, which mainly produced hip hop records, and then worked with artists of all kinds, especially hard rock, metal, but not only. To give you an idea, these are some of the artists with whom he has collaborated in recent years: Beasty Boys, Run DMC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slayer, Eminem, Black Sabbath, System of a Down, Metallica, Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Mick Jegger, AC/DC, Gogol Bordello, Ed Sheeran, Johnny Cash – who thanks to the work of Rubin was able to revive the fortunes of his career that seemed to be over before time – Jovanotti (the only Italian) and many others.

A true guru and King Midas of international music, Rick Rubin won the beauty of 10 Grammy Awards from ’98 to 2009 and according to Time magazine, Rick is one of the 100 most influential people on the planet. 

It would not be enough a book to tell Rick Rubin, here we have given you a smattering to understand the broad outline of the character and to go beyond the simple collaboration with Supreme and try to understand something more about what goes around the most famous and infamous skate brand in the world. 

You can see the interview below.
Rick Rubin for Supreme, photo tee and wisdom
Rick Rubin for Supreme, photo tee and wisdom
Rick Rubin for Supreme, photo tee and wisdom
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