Art Drawing love according to Estine Coquerelle

Drawing love according to Estine Coquerelle

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«Drawing love» may sound like a sentimental phrase, but we at the editorial team have managed to find someone who can truly do it. With simple lines on a white background, Estine Coquerelle can communicate the most intimate moments of a couple and not only that. She identifies herself as a graphic designer, illustrator, and poet, hiding behind a pseudonym. Coquerelle also describes herself as a committed feminist, and through her illustrations, she successfully conveys her fascination with bodies.

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Guiding us into her world is not only the stroke of her drawings but also a series of writings that enhance the communicative properties of Estine’s illustrations. Always hovering between the said and the unsaid, the drawings can express a variety of emotions, from tenderness to resentment, not without a touch of irony. According to the illustrator, it’s possible to subtly shade love with a bit of humor, accompanied by measured doses of melancholy and cynicism.

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