Style ETROPÍA, Etro’s new manifesto

ETROPÍA, Etro’s new manifesto

Andrea Tuzio

A new course, a new road, a first act of a manifesto in the making.
These are the foundations on which ETROPÍA was built, a true statement of intent by Marco De Vincenzo, he new Creative Director of Etro, the Italian fashion house founded by Gerolamo “Gimmo” Etro in 1968.

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If one of Marco De Vincenzo’s main characteristics is his sensitivity to colors, ETROPÍA is the plastic representation of this perceptibility, represented by a series of portraits that tell the connection between reality and utopia, identity and imagination.

A psychedelic journey through which fashion, almost stripped of its essentiality i.e. without the aid of any garments, relies solely but powerfully on the dialogue between body and color while keeping intact its leading role in the search for its own individuality.

Below you can take a look at images from ETROPÍA, which stars a stunning Claudia Lagona aka Levante

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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