Photography Eutierria, Sanja Marusic’s joyful images

Eutierria, Sanja Marusic’s joyful images

Claudia Fuggetti
Eutierria, le immagini gioiose di Sanja Marusic |

Eutierria means to become one with nature and this is exactly what happens in the series of homonymous images made by the photographer and art-director Dutch-Croatian Sanja Marusic. The artist, born in 1991, loves to experiment with the thousand potentialities of color in combination with the harmony of the human body and, more generally, we can define her approach to visual culture as extremely versatile.

Her scenes are dreamlike, psychedelic but at the same time alienating, able to play with our subconscious. For the realization of the project, Sanja placed her models “assembling” them in combination with the surrounding environment: some images were taken on the site with the help of professional make-up artists, others were manipulated in post-production. The result is a series of photographs with an alien mood.

Recently the artist decided to strengthen her aesthetic research through the medium of video, collaborating with several musicians.

Written by Claudia Fuggetti
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