Sugar, Brockhampton’s s surreal video

Sugar, Brockhampton’s s surreal video

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The Texas hit hop music group Brockhampton, after Saturation and Iridescence, released on August 23, 2019, the last studio work called Ginger. The latter is composed of 12 tracks from which they extracted the first single, Sugar, and yesterday, December 10, 2019, the video clip was released.

Most of the band’s videos are actually a bit strange but that maybe beats them all. The short film, directed by Kevin Abstract – the group’s voice, producer and creative director – starts with a scene in which a boy and girl have sex and are interrupted by an alien. Yes, you read it right. But that’s not the oddity of the video. After a few seconds, the alien shoots the boy in the head making him explode in the brain and the screams of the frightened girl are heard all over the world.
This first surreal scene sets the tone for the rest of the short where inside we can see alien invasions, the singer Matt Champion singing in a hellish scenario and then move on to Kevin Abstract who is hanging from the ceiling with a mass of “alien liquid” green.

In a series of Tweets, the vocalist felt a bit obliged to explain their work. In fact, Kevin recounts how the rather bizarre concept was born, claiming that this came to mind following a dream he had.

About the video of Sugar, we will surely remember, not so much for the strangeness but for the beginning a bit ‘splatter, like Tarantino.

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