Art Atomic, the colorful installation by Hou De Sousa

Atomic, the colorful installation by Hou De Sousa

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On 5 December last, in Washington D.C. – in the United States -, a new iridescent installation called Atomic was inaugurated by Hou De Sousa, a New York-based studio of architects, art and design that promotes innovative, culturally advanced and environmentally friendly solutions.
Atomic is made up of many colorful hula hoops made of fabric and mesh. This installation was designed and built to celebrate the particles that shape our universe and fill an infinite void of energy and light.

Atomic | 1

The work is on display until January 5, 2020, and is part of Georgetown Glow, an annual festival of light art. The studio Hou de Sousa has previously exhibited one of his creations during the 2018-19 season entitled “Prismatic“. 

Given Atomic’s proximity to Grace Church, the multi-colored facets of the installation were designed to establish a contextual link with the windows of the adjacent building.

In addition, Hou De Sousa has created an “atomic” result with reference to the bokeh effect – a phenomenon that occurs when light points are photographed out of focus. Fixed to a custom nylon mesh, the spectrum of colored circles seems to float in mid-air, creating an eye-catching work that illuminates the area during the dark winter months.

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