Photography Extra High, a zine by Richard Kern

Extra High, a zine by Richard Kern

Extra High, a zine by photographer Richard Kern |

Extra High is a Booklet / Zine sequel to Richard Kern monograph CONTACT HIGH, a portrait series and outtakes of women smoking weed.

This cheeky and playful collection of portraits, as CONTACT HIGH, recalls the joyful youth days of photographer and filmmaker Richard Kern. A carefree and sexy series of images from 1999 to the present that charged with an atmosphere of freewheeling, optimistic hedonism.

“I spent a lot of time with my friends smoking pot, listening to music, running around in the woods and sometimes swimming naked.”

There seems to be a fine line between art and explicit material, a demarcation that has been made by adventurous artists and photographers for generations. Among these Richard Kern of New York exposes the seductive and complex nature of the female form in a naked and raw way. Kern captures his models in a constant search for “realness”, taking the viewer behind the scenes to spy.

The book, available here, is edited by Jesse Pearson, editor of Nudity Today and Apology Magazine and published by INNEN.

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