Illustrated Interview – Fausto Montanari’s minimal and colourful world

There are some artists who need to represent a thousand details, others who cannot conceive a work that is not one hundred percent realistic and others, instead, who can transmit their ideas and the sense of their art with a few simple elements. The Italian illustrator Fausto Montanari is the representative of this last category.

Fausto’s illustrations are characterized by a strong minimalism and a measured use of color. The shapes and lines that form the subjects are never excessive and the tones he uses do not distract attention from the subject, but it is as if they accompanied it. In his style he hides a universal side, which is why his art adapts to editorials, to the world of advertising, but also to the world of animation. 

At we thought that his illustrations could be perfect for one of our illustrated interviews, precisely because they don’t need any explanation.

How would you illustrate yourself?

Fausto Montanari Illustrated Interview |

What kind of tools do you use to create your artworks?

Fausto Montanari Illustrated Interview |

Which is the most beautiful city you ever visited?

Fausto Montanari Illustrated Interview |

What do you do in your free time?

Fausto Montanari Illustrated Interview |

What’s your greatest fear?

Fausto Montanari Illustrated Interview |
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