Art FRA!’s Walkable Mural In Milan
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FRA!’s Walkable Mural In Milan

The artist Fra! created a 500 m² monumental work entitled 'Spread Your Love'
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In just four days and with the use of a felt-tip pen, the artist FRA! created a walkable mural in Milan’s Piazza Gae Aulenti. The work, created for the LOVE WEEK in the Porta Nuova district, has already been removed, but for a week – from 25 June to 2 July – it animated the entire square with love. Inclusiveness was at the heart of the initiative and involved the public by inviting them to leave messages on the mural itself. Entitled Spread Your Love and 500 m² in size, the work was a true collective manifesto with the intention of promoting equality during a month as strong as June, dedicated to Pride.


FRA! stated that its Doodle art represents improvisation and freedom, essential values for an inclusive society. Visitors were able to ‘immerse themselves’ in the artwork, take photos and enter a competition to win one of the artist’s works. In addition, the first 3,000 fans received a limited edition poster and a Moleskine notebook to personalise. The collaboration with Moleskine also moved to the Porta Nuova store, decorated with Doodle art by FRA!.

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