Art A network of veins to safeguard Italian small villages

A network of veins to safeguard Italian small villages

Tommaso Berra
Gabriele Mundula |

Inside the human body, from head to toe, there are about 100000 kilometers of veins and other blood vessels. A dense network of channels, which, like the streets of a city, brings energy to all organs, keeping them alive and regenerated. Starting from this concept, the artist Gabriele Mundula has created “Sorgente Urbana“.
The interactive artwork deals with the theme of depopulation of rural areas and small Italian villages, particularly those in Southern Italy. In Noci (Bari), on the occasion of the festival Esseri Urbani 2021, Mundula stretched along the streets of the village a network of red ropes of different thicknesses, similar to veins. Knotted to balconies, gutters and windows, the ropes run over the heads of those who walk through the alleys, creating a corresponding link between city and people.

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Some of the ropes of “Sorgente Urbana” have been left free, available to citizens, who could pull them by stretching the whole structure. It recreates the moment in which the veins pump blood giving energy to the whole body, only in the interaction between man and context the work is completed.
Gabriele Mundula’s idea, besides being very scenographic, is a symbolic interpretation of the meaning of traditions. Pulling ropes or joining stones of nearby houses creates a physical and generational bond, the city becomes a nucleus that depends on the set of small identities, nodes, connected by taut ropes.

Gabriele Mundula |
Written by Tommaso Berra
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