Style The strange couple: Gentle Monster x D’heygere

The strange couple: Gentle Monster x D’heygere

Anna Frattini

What happens when an eyewear brand collaborates with a jewelry brand? Gentle Monster and D’heygere have given it a try. The glasses resulting from this collaboration feature removable and interchangeable earrings and rings on the frames. The end product is truly unique, an experiment that has certainly succeeded, starting from the launch campaign: a delightful wedding ceremony symbolizing the bridge between Seoul and Paris, the two headquarters of the brands. This collaboration stems from a synergy that puts into practice two creatively unique forces. On one side, there’s Gentle Monster, a South Korean eyewear brand, and on the other, there’s D’heygere, a French brand famous for its accessories. The union of these two elements demonstrates how it’s possible to merge seemingly distant worlds, resulting in a truly extraordinary outcome. But let’s delve into some more details about the collection.

Starting from seemingly simple frames, the options are numerous. Pierced 02 stands out with its oval silhouette and 12 holes on the temples that can be customized. Tiara 02, on the other hand, resembles a tiara, playing with the inspiration of this design, starting from the sides of the frame. Not only prescription glasses but also sunglasses. Rings 01, in fact, clearly conveys the concept of the collaboration with D’heygere, embracing the idea of the frame as a jewel that characterizes the metal structure of the respective silhouette. One detail that stands out is the multicolored rings on the sides that extend with subtle tips, resulting in a super-creative and innovative design.

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All of this fits perfectly with the launch campaign, a quirky union between Gentle Monster and D’heygere, united as two extremely distant realities, with 8,965 km of distance and 7 hours of time difference between Seoul and Paris. By bringing together these seemingly distant entities, the two brands are introducing three unique products, also blending jewelry into the world of eyewear.

Written by Anna Frattini
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