Style The third drop by Jennie for Gentle Monster

The third drop by Jennie for Gentle Monster

Anna Frattini

Gentle Monster already well-versed in avant-garde fashion – continues its collaboration with Jennie, the famous South Korean singer and member of Blackpink (now also an international celebrity) whom we saw last year in The Idol. In the case of this third collaboration drop with Jennie, eight silhouettes will be presented across thirteen pop-up stores in thirteen different cities, and the collection is named Jentle Salon.

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Aside from the futuristic design of the frames, Gentle Monster’s specialty lies in the inserts (better called charms). These are small miniature accessories to combine and transform the look of the frames. Jentle Salon presents eleven charms, all reflecting Jennie’s style and tastes. There’s even a small Capibara. The campaign video is directed by Yuann, while the shots are by the iconic Petra Collins, who brings a touch of magic through analog components, inviting the viewer into the imagined world of Jentle Salon, waiting to be discovered.

Written by Anna Frattini
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