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The Phallic Ornament Never Vulgar

Giorgia Massari

Not everyone would agree with calling it “never vulgar,” this ornament comes in many colors and styles, but always with the same shape, that of a phallus. The brand name – myvolgare – makes its ironic intentions clear from the start, reinforced by the payoff “phallus present” – in italian fallo presente – and its fun communication that does not take itself too seriously. The phallic ornaments leave little room for imagination and with hand-painted ceramic craftsmanship tell stories, “love stories, erotic stories, stories of awareness, growth and rebirth.” All communicated with quirky shots with a retro flavor but with an extremely contemporary language that winks at fashion campaigns. Cats, cocktails, tarot cards and glamorous ladies are the protagonists of Martina Scorcucchi‘s brilliant photographs, that make everyone – or almost – want to have one at home.


It all reminds us of Herman Makkink, the Dutch sculptor famous for his phallic creations, which are so distinctive that they even appear in Stanley Kubrick‘s iconic film A Clockwork Orange, in which the work Rocking Machine is used as a murder weapon. Indeed, the dreamlike atmosphere of the film is echoed in the set of myvolgare‘s shootings, harking back to the concept of unfettered freedom – or, more generally, free will – conveyed by Kubrik. Undoubtedly a particular product masterfully communicated by Gabriele Litta, the founder of the brand that was able to create strong images with a bold aesthetic. With the use of flash to the maximum and a marked color contrast, the phallic ornament is placed in a setting that oscillates between luxury and plasure, between mischief and elegance, blending in and standing out at the same time.

A Clockwork Orange

Courtesy myvolgare, ph Martina Scorcucchi

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Written by Giorgia Massari
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