Style The looks of The Idol are all on point

The looks of The Idol are all on point

Anna Frattini

The Idol is one of the most talked-about TV series of the moment. Amid explicit scenes and sleazy settings, Steve Levinson portrays the dark side of success through the story of Jocelyn – poised to reaffirm herself as the sexiest and most famous pop star on the scene – intertwining with that of Tedros, a producer with a troubled past. Mental health, manipulation, and violence all contribute to building the decadent scenario in which this story unfolds. Conceived by The Weekend, Reza Fahim, and Levinson, this TV series – for better or worse – quickly reaches its audience thanks to powerful cinematography and the functionality of the language of fashion. The participation of stars of the caliber of Jennie from BLACKPINK, Troye Sivan, and Da’Vine Joy Randolph has fueled the hype surrounding the release of this series, which has divided its audience. In The Idol, costume design is one of the elements that has convinced the most. But how did Natasha Newman-Thomas, the costume designer, manage to define the boundaries of characters like Jocelyn, Tedros, and their entire entourage through their clothing? Her work seems instrumental to the success of The Idol, which, amidst controversies and criticisms, stands out for its aesthetic power.

But who is Natasha Newman-Thomas? The costume designer of The Idol boasts an enviable curriculum and has collaborated with numerous musicians throughout her career. From Childish Gambino in “This Is America” to Adele and Future. Right from the first episode, an attempt is made to delimit the boundaries of Jocelyn’s character, with her producer describing her as a Brigitte Bardot or Sharon Tate of the social media era.

However, in an interview with i-D, Natasha describes Jocelyn as a pop star detached from any past references. Unique in her kind, beautiful and haunted by a history of abuse and losses. Lily-Rose Depp, in the role of the protagonist, delivers an impeccable performance on the small screen, and the outfits chosen by the costume designer are all spot-on. From the red silk robe in the opening scene to the Prada top in the fourth episode, passing through vintage Alexander McQueen pants and contemporary Margiela pieces.

The scenes shot in the Valentino store on Rodeo Drive, featuring an array of looks from the Italian fashion house, are impossible to forget. On the other hand, both Lily-Rose Depp and Jennie from BLACKPINK are Chanel ambassadors, and the French fashion house has provided many of the jewels worn by Jocelyn on set. But it’s not just couture or ready-to-wear outfits; in the first episode, we also see her wearing the Diesel S-Prototype Low W sneakers.

The most popular look on social media is undoubtedly the one worn by Jocelyn on the set of “World Class Sinner” – the single with which the pop star tries to relaunch her career – designed by Nusi Quero, a designer active in Los Angeles who transforms intricate designs into digital form and then turns them into futuristic 3D couture garments.

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Dressing a character like Destiny, Jocelyn’s co-manager, is also no easy feat, but in the hands of Newman-Thomas, she becomes a logo-maniac individual with an exaggerated yet perfectly fitting look. Then there’s Leia, the assistant, who has the classic look of a New York girl working in the LA mansion where Jocelyn lives. The arrival of Tedros in the first episode is certainly one of the hottest moments of the pilot, with the series’ most troubled character dressed in a Miami Vice style with a despised rat tail. A signature style that will become part of the character.

In short, the looks of The Idol are all on point, and we owe this to Natasha Newton-Thomas’s experience in the world of music, perfectly aligned with the construction of characters operating in the complex world of music and showbiz. All that’s left is to wait for the last three episodes and enjoy one of the most critically acclaimed TV series of the moment.

Written by Anna Frattini
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