Music GIOVAPIÙGIOVA explains how to be “Animali Notturni”

GIOVAPIÙGIOVA explains how to be “Animali Notturni”

Cristiano Di Capua

“Animali Notturni”, GIOVAPIÙGIOVA‘s first studio album for Harsh Times Records and Island Records, has been released. For those who were already familiar with the project, this work is just one more confirmation of Giova’s artistic quality. He has presented us with a diverse, dark and interesting record work thanks to Grindalf‘s productions, perfectly stitched to the artist’s imagery. The entire concept of the album revolves around the nocturnal dimension of the human being, with a strong reference to instinct and those primal emotions that take over at night, making listening a dreamlike and colorful experience. On this occasion, we asked him a few questions.

Hi Giova, let’s start right away with a routine question. How are you doing for this release? Tell us what is going through your mind these days.

These are intense but very happy days, this is the moment when you see the result of months of work materialize and become real. A bit like hatching an egg until the day of hatching, we have protected the egg, defended it from predators, kept it as warm as possible and soon it will be its time to come out of the shell.

“Nocturnal Animals” from the first listen is a various album, but with an electronic thread thanks to Grindalf’s productions. Tell us how you met and how you started your collaboration.

Grindalf and I met between 2015 and 2016 in Rome, he was one of the first people I met there. It took very little to realize that there was a beautiful affinity, it was all very natural.
Both Grindalf and I love to listen to so many different things. I think the key to the variety of sound on the record can be traced back to a continuous search, like two children discovering the world, touching and sometimes breaking, but always having fun.

These kinds of sounds still turn out to be underrepresented in Italy. What do you think are the genres that have shaped you the most when we talk about music?

Lately I’ve been reopening some old boxes with CDs and cassettes that my parents listened to when I was a kid and I’ve pulled out some gems that sent me back in time. I think some of the contents of these boxes were crucial in terms of my education, from Paolo Conte to Little Ann, from the gospel of The Jubalaires to Paolo Fresu.

Scenario: “GIOVAPIÙGIOVA in five years.” If you had to think about it for a few minutes, where would you see yourself?

Who knows, we’ll see.

Of course I imagine there will be live shows for the release of this album. How do you relate to live shows? Describe a little bit how you live that dimension.

The goal is always to give everything, I love it, it’s adrenaline before, during and after the shows. The first time in the theater I remember being little and being very impressed by the magic and excitement of hearing the orchestra. One sound coming out of the mystic gulf to invest the audience.

Written by Cristiano Di Capua
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