Art Gucci is speaking to the art world, ANCORA

Gucci is speaking to the art world, ANCORA

Giorgia Massari

In the midst of Milan Fashion Week, we are all waiting for the debut of Sabato de Sarno as Gucci’s new Creative Director. The Milanese fashion house continues its engagement with art by unleashing a new project, Gucci Prospettive. The intention to continue the work done for emerging art by Alessandro Michele is also carried forward by De Sarno, who chooses the Brera district as the location for the fashion show, leaving aside the usual Gucci Hub. Specifically, the catwalk will be placed along the streets surrounding the Academy of Fine Arts, an institution also involved in the art project on display these days. Together with De Sarno, in fact, the Academy has selected four alumni who are now very talented emerging artists to exhibit their works at 5, Fiori Chiari Street. But let’s find out more about what this is all about.

De Sarno’s project for Gucci Prospettive involves the publication of a series of volumes, each of which will accompany each of the fashion house’s new collections, stimulating a dialogue between fashion and art. The first issue, titled Milano Ancora, was presented for the first time on September 19, during the opening of the exhibition on Via Fiori Chiari, and contains, among others, photographs of the works of the young artists in the show: Cristiano Rizzo, Martino Santori, Noura Tafeche and Valerio Eliogabalo Torrisi. The publication, edited by Stefano Collicelli Cagol, director of the Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art in Prato, is described by De Sarno himself as “a love letter to Milan.” Between artworks, the issue tells the artistic-cultural history of Milan, emphasizing the close bond that unites Gucci toward its city. The young artists chosen were asked to tell the story of the Milan of beauty and sensuality, going beyond traditional narratives and rather seeking new levels of interpretation.

De Sarno’s beginning with the maison is certainly particularly intense. His visceral and intimate love with the city is also declared through the use of the word “Ancora,” which refers to an intimate and sensual sphere. We are curious to see how Sabato De Sarno will continue his efforts to keep Gucci’s connection with the art world alive and what paths this new adventure will take for the fashion house.

Written by Giorgia Massari
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