Photography Luca Imperatrice revives the myth of Taranto

Luca Imperatrice revives the myth of Taranto

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In the series Delle Delizie Tarantine, a tribute to the city of Taranto, its history, and its hidden beauty, we find Luca Imperatrice behind the lens. A photographer active in the fashion world, Imperatrice also pursues personal projects like this one, aiming to portray his more personal side. This series draws inspiration from the 1771 Latin work by Tommaso Nicolò D’Acquino, celebrating the city in all its splendor, often concealed by the obscurity of time. The history of Taranto blends its ancient past and myth, a story seemingly destined to fade into oblivion. However, in Imperatrice’s project, Taranto is brought out of the darkness and comes to life in the photographs of Luca Imperatrice.

In the series, Imperatrice’s shots become a kind of guardian of Taranto’s history. Each image is a vivid memory of the city’s past, a testament to the extraordinary offerings of this land. Through Imperatrice’s lens, Taranto is reborn in a new light, and its neglected beauty becomes visible to all.

Each shot is a journey through time, an invitation to explore Taranto’s millennia-old history through the unique perspective of Imperatrice, who seeks to capture the essence of the city. Thanks to the images taken by Imperatrice, Taranto reveals a mythological and imaginative side waiting to be discovered by all.

You can find more projects from Luca Imperatrice here is his Instagram profile.

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