Style The invitation to Gucci’s next show is a puzzle book

The invitation to Gucci’s next show is a puzzle book

Andrea Tuzio

Yesterday we told you about the possible collaboration between Gucci and Balenciaga that could be unveiled tomorrow at 3pm, during the presentation of the new collection, called “Aria”, of the Italian fashion house.

The latter will be unveiled with a short film and the invitation distributed to the press, industry insiders and friends of the brand is a tidbit that nonetheless follows the creativity that Gucci, and its creative director Alessandro Michele, have always shown in this particular area in recent years.

On this occasion Michele has decided to pay homage to a classic of Italian aesthetics such as puzzles, with an irreverent and out of the box booklet entitled GUCCIQUIZ!, created together with Keesing PRS Italia and with the support of the editorial staff of Domenica Quiz. The small journal also includes a whole series of logic games, quizzes, rebuses, etc. that will give the guests the opportunity to discover all the info necessary to participate in the digital presentation.

“Freedom of expression stems from the idea that no two people in the world are the same as each other, because each of us is an individual unto himself. In the same way, no two perfectly identical interpretations of the same work of art, which lives without replication in everyone’s individual perception, will ever exist. Fashion, as an artistic form, then becomes a game: connect the dots, fill in the blanks, find the joint”, specifies a press note.

By now, since 2015, when Michele took the artistic-creative reins of Gucci, the word has been the disruptive force through which the fashion house has built a narrative that has spoken and still speaks of radical change, inclusivity, sustainability, love and so much more.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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