The Scandinavian illustration by Helena Ravenne

1 August 2019

Minimal, colorful and Scandinavian illustration by Helena Ravenne. Discover her art in our gallery!

Helena Ravenne, class 1992, is graduated at the Institute of Technology in Nuremberg Germany in Design and now is a young freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Hamburg.

Her work is colorful, generous, graphic and geometric with an affinity for a playful feel and maintaining the same recognizable minimalistic and clean aesthetic in anything that she works on. In fact, Scandinavian simplicity and minimalism are important characteristics of her personal style.

Now she works with an international and important brand like Redbull, Adidas x Girls Are Awesome, Bon Parfuméur, Barrachocolate, Douglas, Cosmopolitan.

A selection of her colorful and minimal work of art below, check her website for more.

Text by Giordana Bonanno.


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