Art The delicate atmospheres of Hokyoung Kim’s illustrations

The delicate atmospheres of Hokyoung Kim’s illustrations

Giulia Guido

Hokyoung Kim is a young illustrator born in Korea, where she graduated in painting from Hongik University, who moved to America, first to Florida where she specialized in illustration at Ringling College of Art and Design and then to New York, where she currently lives and works.  

Before devoting herself completely to the world of illustration, Hokyoung Kim was part of a team of designers working for film productions, only after finishing her studies she decided to invest everything in her illustrations. Despite this change of direction, her short experience in animation led her to develop her work as a storyteller. Many times, even, her subjects are developed on various boards, creating a narrative through images that doesn’t need words. 

Thanks to her ability to transform a story into a drawing, Hokyoung Kim has been able to work in the editorial field, both for magazines and magazines like New York Times, Buzzfeed, Sierra Magazine, but also with publishing houses developing covers and images for several books. 

With a simple and immediate style, which does not need contour lines, but seems to focus on a perfect balance between light and shadow, between dark and light colors, Hokyoung Kim gives life to unique and palpable atmospheres. 

Below you can find a selection of her works, to find out more go to her website and Instagram profile

Written by Giulia Guido
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