Art “Home of football,” Gundersons studio’s illustrated stadiums

“Home of football,” Gundersons studio’s illustrated stadiums

Emanuele D'Angelo
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In the last year, due to the pandemic, most of our habits have been completely downsized or changed, among these, there is certainly Sunday at the stadium.
An indissoluble binomial at least in Italy, but also in England, France or Germany, in short, all over the world the stands and stadiums, in general, are empty for more than a year.

It no longer has the same flavor to watch those twenty-two players on the field running in absolute silence interrupted only by the screams of the coaches. A habit that we miss but that sooner or later will return and the fans around the world will return to wrap us with their choreography and their choruses.

The lack is so great that the Norwegian illustration studio Gundersons composed by the two brothers Robin and Rudi has decided to create a mini-series called of course “Home of football” illustrating some of the stadiums they hold most dear.

With a background at the Norwegian School of Creative Studies and several years as freelancers, the two Norwegian brothers have gained extensive experience in illustration, design and a few years ago decided to set up their own business.
All their illustrations can be purchased on their website, even “Home of football” the one we will talk about today.

With a few simple colors, the two Norwegian brothers have managed to make us relive those past feelings, now almost forgotten that you breathe inside a stadium, the terrible anxiety that assails you waiting for the start of the game, the festive atmosphere that you breathe after a victory and also the pressure and sadness of a defeat.

From Norway to England, passing through Italy as well, Robin and Rudi Gundersons have reproduced their most beloved stadiums, illustrating every detail, even respecting the social colors of each club.
An immense work but precise in every detail as all their other creations, a series that makes us somehow take a dip in the past, in the hope of being able to return as soon as possible on Sunday to scream at the top of our lungs to support our team. Here are all the beautiful stadiums made by Gundersons studio.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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