Illustrated Interview – Joey Guidone’s unexpected illustrations

For this appointment with our Illustrated Interview, we decide to offer you a leading illustrator of the Italian scene, Joey Guidone.

Joey studied at the IED in Turin and at the Mimaster in Milan and after a time of uncertainty, thanks to practice, constancy and study he managed to turn his greatest passion into a job, reaching to collaborate with important customers both Italian and international.

What sets him apart from all his colleagues is a unique style that tries in every way to combine simplicity and originality, without forgetting the ultimate goal that always remains to amaze the viewer.

The clarity, but also the most unexpected aspect of his illustrations proved to be perfect to answer the questions of our illustrated interview.

Discover more about Joey Guidone on his site.

What did you eat last night?

joey guidone |

Where would you like to be in this moment?

joey guidone |

What do you do in your free time?

joey guidone |

What is your greatest fear?

joey guidone |

What do you see outside the window?

joey guidone |

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