Illustrated Interview – Lisa Forni’s old school style

Like every year, I like to participate in the various editions of Filler D.I.Y Festival in Santeria, an initiative that promotes the talents of illustration and graphics with a punk and, precisely D.I.Y. attitude.

Among the many interesting works, I came across the creations of Lisa Forni. Her drawings remind me very much of the old-school style typical of tattoos, made with a typically feminine approach; after all, the spring edition of the Filler only featured female artists, so as to promote the scene.

Lisa is sitting next to the mezzanine and has made a lot of interesting objects, including beautiful tarot cards that she enjoys reading to people, who are very curious about it.

Before visiting the artist’s Instagram profile, read our Illustrated Interview, which you can find below:

What kind of job did you want to do when you were a kid? 

Illustrated Interview - Lo stile old school di Lisa Forni |

Which subject do you prefer to draw? 

Which female icon do you feel closest to? 

If you were an illustration, what would you look like? 

Which of the ones you made is your favorite illustration?

Illustrated Interview - Lo stile old school di Lisa Forni |
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