Illustrated Interview – The colorful and modern aesthetics of Tchangn

Illustrated interview is our recurring appointment with artists answering questions with drawings that don’t need further explanations.

22 March 2019

On Instagram, she is known as Tchangn, the protagonist of this Illustrated Interview. Today she lives in Annecy, but she was born in Lyon, a city characterized by a strong artistic community that helped her to discover her passion and develop it.

Tchangn’s art has always followed her taste and her personal aesthetic sense, which over the years has changed considerably, moving from black and white works to illustrations distinguished by warm, bright, lively, almost fluorescent colors.

Tchangn is part of that part of illustrators that prefers digital drawing, a medium that allows her to experiment without being afraid of making mistakes and to start over.

We immediately fell in love with her modern and introspective style, so we asked her some questions and she answered them with some wonderful illustrations.

What do you see outside the window?

Tchangn Illustrated Interview |

What’s your favorite sneaker? 

Tchangn Illustrated Interview |

What’s your greatest fear?

Tchangn Illustrated Interview |

Which subject do you prefer to draw?

Tchangn Illustrated Interview |

How would you represent loneliness?

Tchangn Illustrated Interview |


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