Short video for Breakfast – Impeachara, a pill to eliminate Trump

22 March 2017

The remedy to T.I.A.D: Trump-Induced Anxiety Disorder exists and is called Impeachara, and Sam Friedlander, in the satirical video that he wrote and directed, tell us how to use it.

Do you feel depressed? Hopeless? Having trouble sleeping? Struggling with frequent panic attack and irritability? Constant arguments with family and friends? Yelling at your phone or computer screen? Feel the irresistible urge to pull out your hair?
If any of these symptoms sound familiar you may be suffering from T.I.A.D. (Trump-Induced Anxiety Disorder).
But do not worry, this anxiety disorder has become so frequent that someone found a solution.
Impeachara, the blue pill that is saving the world, allows you to live each day as if Trump was already under impeachment.

You have been saved, you can buy it everywhere except in Russia.

Impeachara, una pillola per eliminare Trump | 2




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