Find out what happened at the International Women Football Experience of Calcetto Eleganza

Between Friday 12th and Saturday 13th April, the International Women Football Experience took place, a two-day sports event organized by Calcetto Eleganza and Nike and dedicated to women’s football, its values and potential.

The first event was the talk hosted by Studio “Designing The Football of Tomorrow, Today“, led by Roberto Marchesi of DAZN and with contributions by Davide Coppo, editor in chief of Rivista Undici, Felicia Pennant founder of Season zine, Alessia Tarquinio journalist of Sky Sport and Francesca Vitale defender of Atalanta Mozzanica.
Many themes were touched on during the two hours, great protagonists were the next World Cup.
Guests of the Calcetto Eleganza and Calcetto Eleganza Ladies were the FrenchCacahuètes Sluts and the British Goal Diggers, who were also and above all protagonists of the second day of the International Women Football Experience.

On Saturday 13th, near the Colonne di San Lorenzo, in a field that says suggestive is to say nothing, was held “The Hidden Tournament“, the  triangular tournament that saw the Milanese formation, the French and the English, challenge each other with passion for the first place.

The winners were the hosts who, in the late afternoon, invited their opponents to celebrate with them at the store of IF Bags, in Corso di Porta Ticinese.
Here, in addition to the musical vibes that have enlivened footballers, soccer players and not, even one of the most classic challenges of soccer elegance, find the most beautiful football jersey of all.

On the other hand, and despite all the motto remains:

“Not for sport, but for fashion”.

PH: Matteo Banchi

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