Photography The introspective self-portraits of Handra Rocha

The introspective self-portraits of Handra Rocha

Federica Cimorelli
Handra Rocha |

Handra Rocha, aka fotolucida, is a self-taught Mexican photographer from Tampico in Tamaulipas. Her art focuses on the self-portrait as a means of analysis, catharsis and inner exploration.

Disconnect to create from source.

Her photographs, in colour or black and white, see her immersed in desolate natural landscapes where it is possible to connect deeply with her surroundings. Handra Rocha mixes photography, make-up, styling and set design to create creative, balanced images suspended in time.

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See a selection of her work here, follow her on Instagram and visit her personal website.

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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