Photography Ivan Cazzola and the sense of imperfection on show in Turin

Ivan Cazzola and the sense of imperfection on show in Turin

Laura Tota
Ivan Cazzola |

If you are tired of glossy photography and if you are passing through Turin, then you cannot miss Ivan Cazzola‘s exhibition, hosted in the spaces of Galleria Noire until January 2023. An eclectic artist who moves between different expressive forms linked to the image, from video clips to documentaries, passing through commercial and artistic photography, Ivan brings to the exhibition a production of shots taken between Milan and Southern France. He moves between the meshes of unspoilt nature and uniform backgrounds of unspecified and recognisable origin, which allow the photographer to bring out bodies and faces through a powerful use of flash.
The deep shadows that are created evoke an underground world in which the sense of imperfection, that murky boundary between the socially desired and the true essence that hides in the indeterminacy of those who do not yet feel part of the social fabric, is the dominant feature.

A photographer of artists, actors and rock groups, Cazzola enjoys undressing the subject portrayed (metaphorically and otherwise), bringing out its naked truth, without frills or staging. His investigation, often desecrating, allows the models to move freely and lightly in space, without prejudice and clichés, since he is not inspired by beauty, but by the search for detail and anomaly.
A hymn to unconventional beauty, played with skilful awareness at the cost of appearing desecrating and disturbing to eyes accustomed to photographic perfection. There is an echo of Juergen Teller and Wolfgang Tillmans in these shots in which the same ability to combine the provocation and crudeness of high photography with the exaltation of the defenceless nature of man, in all its disarming truth, echoes.

The layout of the exhibition, conceived and supervised by exhibit designer Andrea Isola, transforms the luminous white space into a space in which the large prints, made on different materials according to the projects presented, welcome and disconcert the visitor, enveloping him and inviting him to “cross” Ivan’s visual suggestions, to step on his images, thus generating an experience that is not only visual, but experiential, in which the photos establish a two-way dialogue with the space.
Completing the offerings of Galleria Noire, on the ground floor is the exhibition of American artist Cali Dewitt who, in continuity with Ivan Cazzola’s multifaceted spirit and investigation focused on the hardcore and underground universe, presents a site-specific project that reflects a very real apocalyptic mood in today’s world, a world that increasingly resembles his dystopian collages.

Written by Laura Tota
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