Style The Milan of “miracles” – interview with Guè and 5tate Of Mind

The Milan of “miracles” – interview with Guè and 5tate Of Mind

Tommaso Berra
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Milan is the place where things happen, the city of ‘miracles’ in the words of 5tate Of Mind, a brand that has launched its new collection dedicated to the city, which celebrates the entry into the brand of Guè, a symbol of a certain Milan at least as much as the Madonnina. It is precisely the Madonnina, together with the Biscione and a well-defined iconographic repertoire, that has mixed with the street world that has been part of 5tate Of Mind since its foundation in 2011. Founder Jimmy Spinelli explains that “Emme-I Miracles wants to recreate the character of a city and an entire movement, the miracles of Milan are seen through the eyes of the street, which does not wait for them but tries to make them happen“.
The collection was born years ago when we associated the brand motto with various cities, starting with Bologna and a JAY-Z cover. We wanted to give each city a team, without renouncing two aspects that even today are essential for a brand: credibility and authenticity with which ideas are born and transmitted“, the founder told at the launch event in the Atipici store in Milan. 

In this collection, a direction is indicated that tries not to deviate from the path traced by hip-hop of its origins, there are garments and elements that reinterpret elements of the underground tradition since the 90s: “authenticity is important, timeless style has seen iconic garments and elements that return and are reworked such as a collegiate sporty style, technical-military style and the use of graphics on hoodies and t-shirts”, elements that appear on Miracles garments in orange, black and grey.

Giacomo Berti Arnoaldi Veli, a partner in the brand together with Guè, talks about how the aim is to ‘reconnect with the communities in the cities that are part of the movement of which we are an expression’, then adds that 5tate Of Mind has a ‘connection with the world of music and cultural movements that hardly other brands have. We are really connected with musicians from north and south and will do so in the future through events and faces that belong to the scene. Emme-I Miracles is not a collection that follows a movement but moves in unison with it, it represents and at the same time is part of a movement.
In the background some of Guè’s hits from recent years play, he has arrived in store and we ask him to tell us about the project too.

Some symbols of Milan are taken up in the collection, what is your symbol of the city?
Milan has famous symbols everywhere but there are many others. One of the ones I am attached to is Parco Sempione, it shaped me a lot in the 90s, there was a mixed humanity and I got into hip hop through the graffiti and writer scene that frequented the park.
The Milanese are portrayed in their stereotypes, that too is a symbol of Milan, as is the fact that it is the most European city in Italy and the mecca of hip hop, if all the major artists live here there must be a reason.

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The collection wants to be a unifying element for the scene, what is the aim of Emme-I Miracles?
The collection aims to pay homage to an original style, which is where we come from, I came into the project, we started from Milan but we will pay homage to other cities.

What do you like about rap music today?
There’s no one direction and I like that, so there’s no one drift. Everything is rehashed and it’s a cycle that comes back, a more original sound is coming back and it’s successful, Marracash does hip hop for adults and it works, kids on the other hand interpret the genres of now and it’s normal. There are many facets and many are successful, I prefer certain sounds but I don’t condemn anything, I listen more to reggae and Jamaican dancehall but everyone brings something new to their projects. Everything ends up in a blender and that’s interesting, then in the end one already listens to what one wants, there are interesting things everywhere.

Spotify’s Wrapped recently came out, which artists did you listen to the most?
In Italy the one I listened to most was Paky, on the chart I also had light artists like Bad Bunny, who I have always appreciated, and Drake, who although he has disappointed me with his latest projects is perfect for more chill situations. Among the underground I had Joey Badass, he was quite strange my Wrapped.

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Written by Tommaso Berra
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