Images from the future by Jingran Zhang

2 July 2019

Are we all going to be robots? Judging by Jingran Zhang's photographs, probably yes! Discover more and look now at our gallery!

As if they had come out of Matrix, Jingran Zhang‘s images are a breath of fresh air in the murky pre-packaged world of Instagram, where several photographic trends have spread like wildfire in recent times. Just think of the pastel starry skies, the portraits with the “soap and water” mood or the improbable architectures.

Cameras pointed at each other, robots, Blade Runner-style androgynous bodies and strange mutant characters similar to aliens invade the artist’s feed, which translates reality with an almost disturbing and destabilizing aesthetic, which captures and attracts at the same time.

Are we really becoming like the screens of our mobile phones? Each character appears indirectly in the photo: he hides his face, uses sunglasses, is turned from behind. All these human figures don’t seem so much human, but machines without identity.

The same cannot be said of these images, which instead show a great personality projected towards the future in a fresh and innovative way, even if not without visual references.

Take a look at Jingran’s Instagram profile here.

Images from the future by Jingran Zhang |
Images from the future by Jingran Zhang |
Images from the future by Jingran Zhang |


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