Art Tattoos for architects

Tattoos for architects

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Meet Lukas Feireiss, the German curator that in 2015 together with the Spanish tattoo artist Javier Rodriguez invented Tattoo For Architects“.
After many years of “tattoo = taboo” we have some good news from the architecture word.
“Tattoo For Architects” is an event where you can ink a series of tattoo designs for architects, a vast sample book with funny phrases like “All you need is dynamyte” or the faces of Archi Star from the past like Le Corbusier or Design objects like the Superstudio Group table and many more. In 2018 they also participated in Venice Biennale (Architecture edition): they organized a series of tattoo spots around the city. 

Following famed 18th century German architect and architecture historian Gottfried Semper, architecture acts as our third skin. Here are some pictures of the 2018 Biennale, hoping that for the next edition 2020 they will come back. So please don’t take architecture so seriously!

Text by: Bianca Felicori

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