Art John Yuyi challenges consumer culture
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John Yuyi challenges consumer culture

Anna Frattini
John Yuyi

Chiang Yu-yi, also known as John Yuyi, is a Taiwanese visual artist with an extraordinary background. Her works embody the spirit of the post-internet generation, challenging consumer culture, one of the most recurring themes in Yuyi’s career.

John Yuyi

Yuyi’s career began as a fashion influencer, but when she moved to New York in 2015, something changed. She started selling temporary tattoos to promote her swimwear collection, and over time, she incorporated illustrations, photographs, and symbols from the world of social media into them. Temporary tattoos, an interesting medium, involve the realm of corporeality as both a medium and an object of investigation. These, along with her photographs, have made Yuyi very popular not only on social media but also in the art world.

The process of documentation carried out by John Yuyi speaks of her experience as an influencer, our relationship with social media, and our bodies, especially our faces—the part of our bodies in which others recognize us and that can offer a sense of real representation for the viewer. Mental health is also a topic close to Yuyi’s heart. Suffering from bipolar disorder, she has depicted her distress through a series of photographs titled, Cell for Young Plant.

But Yuyi is not only involved in art and photography. She is also working on commercial projects that have led her to collaborate with important brands and magazines. One unforgettable collaboration took place last year with MIUMIU, where Yuyi captured Lee Youm and Ever Anderson for the SS22 advertising campaign.

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John Yuyi’s journey demonstrates how it is possible to reinvent oneself and discover one’s artistic talent starting from a world far from the traditional art scene as we know it.

Discover more of John Yuyi’s projects on her Instagram profile.

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