Style Jordan Brand launches Global Women’s Collective program

Jordan Brand launches Global Women’s Collective program

Andrea Tuzio

Jordan Brand does not stop its journey towards a more concrete commitment to women and inaugurates the Global Women’s Collective program, thus consolidating its legacy in this sense.
33 women from different cities around the world such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Paris, Shanghai and London will be the protagonists of a series of panels, events and mentoring over the course of six months. A group of women chosen with the intent of redefining what the iconic Jumpman logo represents. 

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The 33 selected women will have access to a packed schedule of sharing lots of experiences and at the end of 6 months will help Jordan Brand choose the next group of women stars.

Each of the women chosen will receive a portion of the funds which they will then use to help their respective communities. They all come from different backgrounds and have demonstrated their commitment to various fields such as basketball and sneaker culture, visual arts, music, entrepreneurship, etc. Jordan Brand hopes the initiative will inspire more powerful communication and create a “curriculum project that encourages dialogue, fosters relationships and strengthens leadership skills”.

Capturing the image of the first 33 women selected for the Global Women’s Collective program was photographer Dana Scruggs who said: “Connecting with the women from the Chicago group was the most memorable moment for me. Being with them felt like home. One of the women and I went to the same high school, several of the women were from the Southside—which is where I grew up—and all of us felt that special pride of when you meet other people from Chicago who are doing incredible and impactful things with their lives that extend outside the boundaries of our hometown. We know, firsthand, how hard that is to do and we had so much admiration for each other for it”.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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