Bubba, Kaytranada’s latest album released on December 13

Bubba, Kaytranada’s latest album released on December 13

Anna Cardaci · 1 month ago · Music

It was the year 2016 when Louis Kevin Celestin, aka Kaytranada, released his latest studio album titled 99.9%. After 3 years of absence the American artist, record producer, and DJ decided to return to the music scene announcing the release of Bubba, his latest studio work that will be available for purchase from December 13 next. The release was anticipated by the 10% song made with Kali Uchis – an American singer – and by a tweet published by Kaytranada in which he said that the album was “finished”.

He later formalized the release of his project during the Intersect Music Festival in Las Vegas in early December. In his work, there will be other collaborations including that with Pharrell Williams, Mick Jenkins, Tinashe, Estelle, Charlotte Day Wilson, GoldLink, SiR.

Bubba | Collater.al 1

The album contains 17 tracks and you can pre-order it on the official website of the American artist and listen to his first single extracted on Spotify!

1. DO IT
2. The Music feat. Iman Omari
3. Go DJ feat. SiR
4. Gray Area feat. Mick Jenkins
5. Puff Lah
6. 10% feat. Kali Uchis
7. Need It feat. Masego
8. Taste feat. VanJess
9. Oh No feat. Estelle
10. What You Need feat. Charlotte Day Wilson
11. Vex Oh feat. GoldLink, Eight9fly, & Ari PenSmith
12. Scared To Death
13. Freefall feat. Durand Bernarr
14. Culture feat. Teedra Moses
15. The Worst In Me feat. Tinashe
16. September 21
17. Midsection feat. Pharrell Williams

Bubba | Collater.al 1
Bubba, Kaytranada’s latest album released on December 13
Bubba, Kaytranada’s latest album released on December 13
Bubba, Kaytranada’s latest album released on December 13
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CHARLES MANSON (BUON NATALE2)’s video is here!

CHARLES MANSON (BUON NATALE2)’s video is here!

Anna Cardaci · 1 month ago · Music

The official video of CHARLES MANSON (BUON NATALE2) has been released! Watch it below!

Today, Friday, December 6, was released the new single by Salmo: CHARLES MANSON (BUON NATALE2) (MERRY CHRISTMAS2) in collaboration with Lazza, Dani Faiv, and Nitro. About six years have passed since the release of Buon N* freestyle, a track produced together with colleagues Gemitaiz and Madman that, published on Christmas Eve, became a sort of anthem against everything that encloses this holiday.
CHARLES MANSON (BUON NATALE2) was made by Stabber, a music producer from L’Aquila together with Salmo and is contained in Playlist Live, the album that includes eleven live performances of almost all the tracks contained in Playlist, also enriched by Papparapà RMX, a track by Nerone in which he took part with Gemitaiz and was later revisited by the producer from Abruzzo.

Salmo | Collater.al 3

For the launch of the last date of the tour to be held in San Siro Stadium on June 14, 2020, Salmo has decided to create a classic advertising campaign with a billboard displayed on the Naviglio Grande in Milan. This, however, as Salmo says on his Instagram profile, was immediately removed by the City as it was considered a little too “splatter”. Despite this inconvenience, Salmo manages to close 2019 full of successes and awards, sold outs and new collaborations.

CHARLES MANSON (BUON NATALE2)’s video is here!
CHARLES MANSON (BUON NATALE2)’s video is here!
CHARLES MANSON (BUON NATALE2)’s video is here!
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Sugar, Brockhampton’s s surreal video

Sugar, Brockhampton’s s surreal video

Anna Cardaci · 1 month ago · Music

The Texas hit hop music group Brockhampton, after Saturation and Iridescence, released on August 23, 2019, the last studio work called Ginger. The latter is composed of 12 tracks from which they extracted the first single, Sugar, and yesterday, December 10, 2019, the video clip was released.

Most of the band’s videos are actually a bit strange but that maybe beats them all. The short film, directed by Kevin Abstract – the group’s voice, producer and creative director – starts with a scene in which a boy and girl have sex and are interrupted by an alien. Yes, you read it right. But that’s not the oddity of the video. After a few seconds, the alien shoots the boy in the head making him explode in the brain and the screams of the frightened girl are heard all over the world.
This first surreal scene sets the tone for the rest of the short where inside we can see alien invasions, the singer Matt Champion singing in a hellish scenario and then move on to Kevin Abstract who is hanging from the ceiling with a mass of “alien liquid” green.

In a series of Tweets, the vocalist felt a bit obliged to explain their work. In fact, Kevin recounts how the rather bizarre concept was born, claiming that this came to mind following a dream he had.

About the video of Sugar, we will surely remember, not so much for the strangeness but for the beginning a bit ‘splatter, like Tarantino.

Sugar, Brockhampton’s s surreal video
Sugar, Brockhampton’s s surreal video
Sugar, Brockhampton’s s surreal video
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Best of 2019 – Music Video

Best of 2019 – Music Video

Giulia Guido · 1 month ago · Music

With all the new releases that have marked this 2019, it is difficult to select the 10 most emblematic music videos, those champions of visualizations and those simply characterized by a unique beauty.
Discover the best second Collater.al below!

Billie Eilish – you should see me in a crown

Creepy’s nice. Billie Eilish and Takashi Murakami teach us this in the animation video that accompanies you should see me in a crown in which the singer takes the form of a manga. Impossible to miss it.

FKA twigs – Cellophane 

In the video directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, FKA twigs shows us all the beauty and sensuality contained in the art of pole dance.

A$AP Rocky – Kids Turned Out Fine 

It’s A$AP Rocky’s sobriety that always leaves us speechless, like the one in Kids Turned Out Fine, where the rapper goes from one psychedelic situation to another, always wearing a babushka.

Denzel Curry – Black Balloons 

Denzel Curry’s video for Black Balloons from the album TA13OO is a bit surreal. But get to the bottom, you’ll find drugs, atomic pussy, jail.

Solange – Things I Imagined / Down The Clique 

Only she, Solange, could condense in a single video elements such as cowboys, men and women in dancing suits, Houstons and sparkling headdresses. And the end result has a class hard to find.

Liberato – Guagliò 

This is one of five videos that make up a mini-series entitled “Capri Rendez-Vous”. Directed by Francesco Lettieri, the videos tell the love story between Carmine, a young islander, and Marie, a French actress. Thanks to the use of black and white, the result reminds us of the timeless films of Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard.

Joji – Sanctuary 

If this video isn’t surreal, I don’t know what can be surreal. Sanctuary tells the odyssey in the space of Captain Joji who travels through the 80s among aliens, milk bowls, cereals and blood and moon crystals.

Tyler, The Creator – A Boy Is A Gun 

In A Boy Is A Gun, Tyler, The Creator gives way to his alter ego, IGOR. An enviable boy with a style that shows off his platinum blonde hair like no other, who in the video is struggling with the end of a relationship and the trauma of abandonment in a beautiful villa that becomes for him a maze with no way out.

Peggy Gou – Starry Night 

This video is a real homage to the Korean origins of Peggy Gou. Thanks to an alternation of moving scenes and still images, we can admire the beauty of the landscapes.


This year’s musical promise, Spanish singer Rosalía has bewitched us with the video directed by Diana Kunst and Mau Morgó, in which she sings in black waters of ink illuminated by a diamond headdress, goes around on burning motorcycles and always knows how to make everything beautiful.

Best of 2019 – Music Video
Best of 2019 – Music Video
Best of 2019 – Music Video
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SYS, the electronic music festival in Palermo

SYS, the electronic music festival in Palermo

Giulia Guido · 4 weeks ago · Music

The music never stops and never goes on holiday, on the contrary, it makes itself louder than ever. For this reason for three days, from 26th to 29th December some of the key places and clubs in Palermo will become the stage for the fifth edition of SYS, the electronic music festival that from 2015 aims to create a dialogue between native and international music. 

26 – 29 DECEMBER

SYS, which takes the name of the Phoenician foundation of the city of Palermo and means “flower”, was born from an idea of the Bangover Crew, an association of young people from Palermo, and from the desire to create in their city an event with an international scope, involving both Sicilian artists and artists and DJs from Europe and beyond. In just a few years, the event has captured the attention of enthusiasts and attracted the interest of professionals not only from Italy.

SYS, la rassegna di musica elettronica a Palermo | Collater.al

In addition, to frame and make SYS even more special there are the wonderful spaces offered by the city such as the Camus club, the locals of St’Orto/Tipi Off and the Ibis Style Hotel, but also places closed to the public during the year and open only on this occasion, such as the characteristic Chiesa di Sant’Andrea degli Amalfitani, which on the evenings of December 27 and 28 will host the headliners of the festival. 

SYS, la rassegna di musica elettronica a Palermo | Collater.al

During the 4 days of the exhibition, there will be several artists who will take over the stages including Budino, born in Brescia but living in Berlin, Chima Hiro, who comes from Lisbon, Joseph Tagliabue and Laura Agnusdei, coming respectively from Milan and Bologna, the Venetian artist Nicolas Gauguin and directly from Palermo Ntntn.

Discover the program on the facebook event

Evolving souls that wander in the whirlwind of unexpected experiences.
A journey into the unknow sound between space and time.
We are white and black, virtuality in reality, the meeting from which the flower is born, the noise echoing on the rocks.
We are the city.
We are SYS.

SYS, la rassegna di musica elettronica a Palermo | Collater.al
SYS, la rassegna di musica elettronica a Palermo | Collater.al
SYS, the electronic music festival in Palermo
SYS, the electronic music festival in Palermo
SYS, the electronic music festival in Palermo
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