Kitchen Suspension’s floating clock for Swatch

Giulia Pacciardi · 6 years ago

A kitchen as frame, kitchenware and food that float surreally and a chef who is not a chef because he is a photographer.

Francesco Mattucci
is the author of Kitchen Suspension, a photographic project that was born as a hashtag and then conquered an entire audience becoming something more.
The author’s aim is to change the idea of kitchen in its everyday meaning, no longer just a place to cook but a real photographic set.

It’s not the recipe that matters, but the individual elements that needed to achieve success.

When Swatch asked him to interpret according to his style the new Swatch X You customization service, Francesco decided to use an Alkenkengi, a typical Christmas fruit, because it consists of 3 parts exactly like the watch he reproduced.
That’s how he told us his creative process:

Imagine that you can compose a watch, a Swatch, in the way you like the most, you can choose the dial, the wristwatch, and build it all in a game where the only limit is your creativity, that’s what the customizable Swatch X You collection offers us.

Imagine now that you have to combine time and food and, again, be able to choose freely how to represent it. In my kitchen, where the elements have fun playing with the time too, I can compose and block it but, in spite of everything, this image is correct twice a day.

Here below his artwork and some making-of shots.

Kitchen Suspension’s floating clock for Swatch
Kitchen Suspension’s floating clock for Swatch
Kitchen Suspension’s floating clock for Swatch
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