Photography Langston Bowen, a pictorial photographer

Langston Bowen, a pictorial photographer

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Do you ever wonder what reality would be like if we all lived in a Rococo painting?
The photographs of Langston Bowen can spark our imagination and take us into the elegant and dreamy atmospheres of that period.

Watching his shots is like entering another world where you live in contact with nature, where you respect its laws and investigate its myths, secrets and wonders.

Le fotografie pittoriche di Langston Bowen |

His subjects are especially women portrayed in natural landscapes as celestial gods. Each of his photographs is a work of art and each place tells a different story.
Langston revealing the most intimate details of his subjects, his work is a photographic fresco, an idyll of the female figure.

With a warm and bright color palette and soft and delicate lighting, the photographs of Langston Bowen seem to be inspired by Jean-Honore Fragonard’s paintings and his intimate, graceful worlds.
His artistic work is pure emotive storytelling.

See here a selection of his works, follow him on Instagram and visit his personal website.

Le fotografie pittoriche di Langston Bowen |
Le fotografie pittoriche di Langston Bowen |

Words by Federica Cimorelli

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