Art Lauren Halsey finally in World of Art’s Olympus

Lauren Halsey finally in World of Art’s Olympus

Giorgia Massari

If you’re not yet familiar with Lauren Halsey‘s work, it’s time to learn more about this African-American artist, born in 1987. She has recently caught the attention of Larry Gagosian, who has included her in his stable. And as you know, those who pass through the Gagosian Gallery – which owns nineteen spaces worldwide – are destined for success. But who is Lauren Halsey? Her story begins in the African-American community of South Los Angeles, where she was born and raised. Her work reflects the identity, history, and culture of this region, which is why she is described as an activist artist. But let’s find out more about her work and her social commitment.

My Hope, Lauren Halsey – David Kordansky Gallery

Lauren Halsey’s art practice

The art world knows Lauren Halsey primarily for her work in public art. Halsey is particularly famous for her intricate and imposing sculptural installations, often incorporating elements of architecture, graffiti, text, and found objects. The use of text and graffiti is significant in her work as it allows her to add a narrative and visual communication element. Her works are characterized by a vivid aesthetic and a strong social commitment. Many of her projects take place in public spaces, creating connections between contemporary art and local communities. Lauren Halsey has gained increasing recognition and respect in the contemporary art scene for her innovative work, her ability to convey stories, and her dedication to promoting art within communities.

Installazione site-specific dell’artista Lauren Halsey per il Roof Garden del Met di New York. Ph Credits Amir Hamja per il New York Times

The Meeting with Gagosian

As reported by The New York Times, the first meeting with Larry Gagosian dates back to two years ago when, in 2021, curator Antwaun Sargent included Halsey in the “Social Works” exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery’s New York location. However, what struck the renowned gallerist was the site-specific installation that the artist created on the roof of the Met in New York. «It has to do with issues of race, culture, and her neighborhood, but it’s not heavy. It combines this seriousness with something very elegant and highly imagined,» the gallerist said, who, by the way, grew up not too far from Halsey’s neighborhood. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this incredible artist, capable of conveying powerful messages through a contemporary and pop language. Her first encounter with Europe will be in 2024 with two exhibitions: the first at Gagosian’s Paris venue, and the second in October when she will open her first institutional exhibition in England at the Serpentine Galleries in London. Lauren Halsey will still be represented by David Kordansky in Los Angeles and, probably, thanks to Gagosian, will also exhibit in Asia.

Courtesy Lauren Halsey

Written by Giorgia Massari
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