Art Murals That Come To Life Thanks To An App
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Murals That Come To Life Thanks To An App

Giorgia Massari
leon keer

The works of Dutch street artist Leon Keer are surprising in two respects. The first is perhaps the least curious aspect-that is, his ability to create extremely illusory murals-but the second is quite unexpected. His walls, already so alive, literally come to life thanks to an augmented reality app. We have previously talked about him and his work Shattering, the four cups stacked on the wall of a building in Sweden that, when framed with a smartphone, would fall one after the other. This operation is repeated by Leon Keer in all his works around the world, especially in the States and northern Europe. Let’s find out more about this ingenious idea.

In recent years, street art has finally gained the recognition and attention it deserves. This has led to a very fast development in different directions. From new materials to new surfaces, such as Saype who very often replaces walls with lawns, to and even making the works animated as in the case of Leon Keer. With his works digital meets street and the underground environment opens up to technology. It has to be said that when Keer posts a new mural on social media, everyone runs to see it and not just to photograph it but to see what happens when framed with the appropriate app, by the way made by the artist in collaboration with 3Dpicnic and available on both iOS and Android. The name of the app leaves no room for doubt, in fact Leon Keer uses his own name.

Artstreet art
Written by Giorgia Massari
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