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Touch The Wood is out with a new collection Contributors

Touch The Wood – the collective born in Rome in 2007 – has launched a collection inspired by the suburbs, aiming to portray the everyday reality of the outskirts. Hence, the name of the collection: From The Suburbs To The World. We had a chat with Marco G. Zoppi and Lorenzo Dell’Uomo – a.k.a. Mr. Kite – and discovered more about the genesis of the collection, the importance of subcultures, and the history of this collective.

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Touch The Wood and the Collection Project

«Touch The Wood was born in 2007 with the desire to bring about change and a new creative impulse, starting right from the suburbs and outskirts of the city of Rome,» the guys tell us, describing the beginning of a long-lasting project that continues to grow throughout Italy. However, the idea of ​​creating a real brand came later, given the fascination with the world of subcultures and clubbing where many of the trends we see around us originate. «[…] we felt a strong stimulus in our community and, little by little, this idea took more and more shape, we started by putting our creativity on existing garments and then developing it by manufacturing them from scratch, defining fabrics and lines,» Marco and Lorenzo elaborate.

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Elements of the Collection

We then wondered what are the distinctive elements that characterize the visual and conceptual narrative of From The Suburbs To The World. Their answer is clear and also refers to some pieces of the collection: «As in every aspect of our lives, the influence of the past is a constant inspiration. Elements such as the varsity jacket and the 70s bowling collar shirt are two examples of how important the past is to us; in order to create something unique in the present.»

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The guys at Touch The Wood find themselves having to reconcile the world of clubbing with that of streetwear, a task not easy in a sea of collaborations and collections of this kind. «These are two worlds that embrace creativity, that inspire each other. For us, it’s great to see our community feel represented by something that can give energy, like a musical note inspiring an outfit or as it has been in our case, turning it into a real lifestyle. Music has always been the key to our project,» clarify the founders of Touch The Wood.

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