Art “Shattering”, the fragile cups of tea by Leon Keer
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“Shattering”, the fragile cups of tea by Leon Keer

Emanuele D'Angelo

“Shattering” is the latest beautiful work by street artist Leon Keer.
Without a doubt, he is one of the world’s leading artists in anamorphic street art. He has performed commissions in Europe, United States, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russia, New Zealand, Australia and several other countries.
A few months ago, we talk about his works dedicated to Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

The latest 3D work consists of four porcelain teacups that are about to fall off the side of a building in Helsingborg, Sweden.
A message seems to be always present in his work. Current themes such as environmental concerns and the livability of this world are reviewed.

In “Shattering” the artist draws attention to the fragility of Earth. Each cup is painted in a different color and presents a scene, like the melting of glaciers, the extinction of animals and the spillage of oil into the sea.

Unlike past works, Leon Keer is working to improve the visual experience of “Shattering”. The artist is in fact collaborating with 3Dpicnic so through the app viewers can scan the work and see it come to life in augmented reality.

Artstreet art
Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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