Style LOEWE and Takeshi Kitano’s ad campaign

LOEWE and Takeshi Kitano’s ad campaign

Andrea Tuzio

LOEWE presented its latest collaboration with GR8, one of the already popular boutiques throughout Japan. The campaign images and video were shot by Ryu Ika, featuring what is the Japanese photographer’s style, energetic and real, features director Takeshi Kitano.

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Winner of the Golden Lion (1997) and Silver Lion (2003) at the Venice Film Festival, Kitano is considered one of the most decisive figures in Japanese cinema and one of the most important living oriental directors due to his unique style and the devastating originality of his works. 

In addition to Kitano, the campaign features other Japanese film and music personalities such as Kouro Murakami, Tokio Shigemoto, musician Kouda Mori, and Yoshiyuki Takahashi, among others. 

The images were taken in what is the deepest reality of Japanese culture, managing to capture its most intense moments through the use of flash and vivid colors that enhance the items worn by the protagonists. 

Below you can take a look at the campaign images from the collaboration between LOEWE and GR8.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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