Photography Maria Maglionico and her minimal and surreal photographs

Maria Maglionico and her minimal and surreal photographs

Giulia Guido

What would it be like to photograph a dream? In dreams there is always a precise atmosphere, something that captures our attention but is often never revealed, elements that we recognise as belonging to reality but which suddenly become absurd.
In her shots, photographer Maria Maglionico captures this essence. 

Originally from southern Italy, Maria does not photograph to document anything in particular, but uses photography as a true artistic medium to express emotions, feelings and sensations that are difficult to describe verbally. 

If we take a look at her artistic production, we notice how images with cold tones, tending towards blue, intertwine with warmer and more intimate images with neutral colours. Moreover, the person we see in the shots is often Maria herself, hiding her face behind a mirror or simply with her back turned.

Like Alice of the White Rabbit, we too are enchanted by Maria Maglionico’s photographs and as we leaf through them we are plunged into a world poised between dream and reality where there is no longer any difference between what is real and what is surreal. 

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Below is a selection of Maria Maglionico’s shots, but to find out more and not to miss her upcoming work, follow her on Instagram. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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