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7 September 2017

The photographic project "Point de fuite comme Point de vue" dedicated to the coasts lands in Sicily.

Sicilians travel so much, this is renowned; we go everywhere for a job opportunity, you could really find us everywhere.
Anyway, one thing that we often don’t do is to go and explore our land beyond our provincial borders.
Sometimes we know more about the other parts of the globe than about our triangle, because we don’t consider it.
However, we sit through by the imitations of “The Godfather” in all the languages of the world; it is our personal law of the counteraxis and maybe we deserve it.

Myself too, I’m not living in Sicily anymore for several years now, and in 2015 I officially started an audiovisual project on the coasts (Europe, for the moment) entitled Point de fuite comme Point de vue (point of escape as point of view). The tour of the Sicilian coast obviously lacked me and I started to remedy.

I’ve always thought that the best photograph must be devoid of any external textual element: no captioning, it must speak and emotion us only at the glance. In recent years, however, I have had the pleasure of having been in contact with the world’s leading photojournalism and documentary photography experts, and I have been led to reflect a lot on this concept. I have worked with them, discussed about photography and not only, I have read and watched their books, I have archived their photos, I have had lunch, dinner and snack, we have snore together, toasted at our exhibition, gone on holiday, bathed in the sea, they have given me advice and sometimes they have judged me harshly and I have accepted it.

Thanks to this I learned a lot of things about how to do, to manage and to present a photo-documentary story and here I tried to put it into practice. Here is the result.

P.S. I could have avoide the caption and let you guess the locations, but that’s wrong!

Santa Maria del Focallo
Punta Regilione
Marina di Modica
San Vito Lo Capo
San Teodoro
Marinella di Selinunte
Castellamare del Golfo
Alcamo Marina
San Saba
Torre Faro

More pics here.


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