Photography What did you have for lunch? Mauro Serra’s photo project

What did you have for lunch? Mauro Serra’s photo project

Giorgia Massari
Mauro Serra |

“What did you have for lunch?” is one of the questions we ask and have heard asked very often, especially in the family context. It is a spontaneous question that can be interpreted as a turn of phrase and courtesy, but also as a form of love, something somehow intimate that we would not ask a stranger. Italian photographer Mauro Serra posed this question to himself with a specific challenge: to give value to leftovers. Serra therefore created a series of seven photographs taken of his own plate at the end of each meal, questioning and investigating the concept of leftovers in a broad sense. “That which passes before our eyes every day, which we phagocytize without giving it too much weight by destining it for the dustbin of the wet, for seven days had a place of honor above a marble pedestal that erected it as a work of art. Is there anything else in our lives that we ignore or barely consider? What else might surprise us by giving it value?” wonders the photographer himself.

Mauro Serra’s still life photographs fix in time a subject that can never be eternal but rather, is extremely changeable and with a strictly limited life. Objects, leftovers, that exist in only a short span of time but here become static, almost sculptural. Mauro Serra’s photography is able to give the subjects, even if they are considered not very noble, a certain plasticity and beauty that is able to fascinate. The colors, as well as the exposure and the play of light and shadow, create an effect that is at times painterly and that extremes the contrast between perfection and chaos.

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Written by Giorgia Massari
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