Design The universe made of glass and dreams by Helle Mardahl
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The universe made of glass and dreams by Helle Mardahl

Giorgia Massari

Opened to the press today 3 Days of Design, the widespread design festival for the city of Copenhagen that this year will be held June 12-14. Crunching through some previews, our eye fell on designer Helle Mardahl‘s pieces. To be honest, it’s not clear exactly what they are, but the soft shapes, lots of colors and shine of these objects bewitched us. The icing on the cake is the beautifully curated Instagram profile with decidedly effective communication. Everything looks like a dreamlike universe of glass, Helle’s favorite material that allows her to create a contrast between fragility and sturdiness, simplicity and decoration. At the festival, Helle Mardahl will present two installations, one at Bredgade 38 and one at Design Museum Danmark. But let’s understand more about what this is all about and delve into Mardhal’s dreamlike universe made of glass.

Passione ciotole

Senza dubbio il lavoro di Helle Mardahl si colloca nella nostra categoria preferita, il collectible design. A metà tra l’arte e il design, tra l’estetica e la funzionalità, i suoi pezzi morbidi e lucenti si distinguono per la loro stravaganza. Guardandoli da vicino è chiaro che Helle abbia una fascinazione particolare per i recipienti, dai vasi ai bicchieri e, più in generale, verso tutte le ciotole che, come sottolinea lei, fungono sia da porta spezie che da porta uova.

The installation in Copenhagen: The Grand Suite

The installation at Bredgade 38 – opening tomorrow, June 12 – is titled The Grand Suite and takes a step toward something new from Mardhal’s classic output. It is a new lighting collection that will amplify its classic vibrant hues, creating an immersive experience to transform the everyday into the extraordinary.

The collaboration with the Design Museum Danmark

Expanding on her universe, Helle Mardahl is collaborating for this edition of 3 Days of Design with the Design Museum Danmark to set up an installation in the halls of the museum. This exhibition highlights some of her most iconic pieces along with the extraordinary art of hand-blown glass. The combination of the museum’s tradition and Mardahl’s contemporary art celebrates the encounter between the past and the present, between art and design.

Courtesy Helle Mardahl

Designcollectible design
Written by Giorgia Massari
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