Mausoleum of the Giants, Phlegm’s new work in Sheffield

20 March 2019

Mausoleum of the Giants is a new work by the British artist Phlegm on display at the historic building Taylor's Eye Witness Works in Sheffield.

It’s called Mausoleum of the Giants, the new work of the English artist Phlegm, which will be on display until April 6 at the historic building Taylor’s Eye Witness Works in Sheffield.

Phlegm is an artist from Sheffield with an eclectic and very versatile approach: besides being a street artist, he deals with illustration, installation and other forms of art. The name “Phlegm” comes from one of the four temperaments of ancient Greek medicine: blood, yellow bile, black bile and phlegm.

Mausoleum of the Giants is an installation that presents a series of large-scale 3D sculptures of the mythological-surreal characters already encountered in the artist’s murals. Placed inside the large space of a former factory, the giants contribute to making the atmosphere evocative and disturbing: visitors must walk around the figures without fear, so as to discover the rest of the exhibition.

All the works consist of a wooden frame and metal wires with a papier-mâché finish, which are then painted and enriched by the artist: this technique helps to make the drawings look imposing and realistic.

Find out more about Phlegm on his Instagram profile here.


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