Photography Medicated, Richard Kern’s photographic book on modern addictions
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Medicated, Richard Kern’s photographic book on modern addictions

Medicated, Richard Kern's photo book | Magazine

Inspired by a conversation he had with his assistant about daily drug abuse, Richard Kern between 2010 and 2018 decided to produce a series of interviews entitled Medicated.

Kern interviews a group of women about the drugs they used and the effects of those drugs on their outlook, resulting in a photo book and a series of controversial video content that offers the opportunity to look at the much more insidious face of contemporary drug addiction from prescription.

The resulting images, young women in their underwear holding up their pill bottles (Valium and Klonopin, but also Relpax, a treatment for migraines) against a background of their own cozily haphazard bathrooms and messy bedrooms, seems to be confessions scenes stolen by accident.

Kern’s images comment on the realisation that anybody can fall foul of addiction, taking us inside the white picket fences of America’s suburban drug addiction.

PhotographyNSFWnude photographyphotographyportrait
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