Short video for Breakfast – Motion Makes a Masochist, the sad life of a creative artist

19 June 2017

Motion Makes a Masochist is a video of motion designer and masochist Dev who tells what it means to work with creativity.

Months have passed since we launched “Short video for Breakfast“, the video section that keeps you company every morning.
We’ve told you about documentaries, travel around the world, kids stories, music videos, video advertising, and you name it.
We have told you about everything and we will continue to do so.
But today, because we think it’s fair, we want to tell you the story, ironic and a bit sad, of who make those videos.

Motion Makes a Masochist is a short video of Dev that can be summarized with his words:

“If you’re a professional, remember the bad times. If you’re a student, expect the worst. If you’re a client, go fuck yourself. “

A brilliant video about the life of a motion designers and, more generally, than anyone who tries to work with creativity.


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