Art The colorful and intricate neon work of Dan Attoe

The colorful and intricate neon work of Dan Attoe

Emanuele D'Angelo
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Dan Attoe is a Washington born artist who currently lives and works in Portland. A painter and sculptor, he is now back to making people talk about him for his neon works.
The fantastic and twisted works of the American artist have been exhibited all over the world, from Europe to America and his hometown.

His latest hilarious exhibition is called “Glowing River“, six fantastic neon works make up this project characterized by light, nature, connectivity, and spirituality.
The neon that he used in his latest works is reminiscent of the signs of the old bars of the nineties, but behind his works are hidden messages that seem simple but instead contain deeper and more complicated ethical issues.

The most sensational part of this exhibition are of course the two large wall neon works that stand out in the gallery with their colored light and create unique colors comparable to those of the stained glass windows of a church. “Go easy on yourself,” says a topless lady, who emerges from the mountains like an angel and is reflected in the lake below. On the other side of the room, in another work, Dan Attoe depicts a drug-addicted cat hanging upside down admitting “People need to party” and encouraging us in a slightly disturbing way to do so.

Dan Attoe grew up in a city in Northwest America and his inspiration comes from there, from his life and especially from his childhood. In his works seem to merge the narratives of a small American city with personal surrealism typical of the 20th century, which wants to express a totally different reality, revealing without any kind of filter the deepest aspects of the psyche.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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