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All the must-see April Netflix films and tv series

Andrea Jean Varraud
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Even with the beginning of April and spring, we can’t stop suggesting the five best original releases coming on Netflix.

Quicksand is a Swedish Netflix series based on the homonymous best-selling novel by Malin Persson Giolito. The story, for those who had not read the book, is more or less this:

“A tragedy upsets a private school located in a wealthy district of Stockholm. The student Maja Norberg finds herself on trial for murder. The events of that day are slowly revealed, as are the private details regarding Maja’s relationship with Sebastian Fagerman and his dysfunctional family.”

We are in the presence of a Nordic thriller strongly out of line in which, apart from the gray and minimal aesthetics, the figure of the protagonist will be analyzed at 360 degrees due to the flaw or misfortune she finds herself embroiled in a catastrophe. The protagonist is played by Hanna Ardéhn, while behind the camera we will see the fingerprints of Per-Olav Sørensen and Lisa Farzaneh. However, the script will be signed by Camilla Ahlgren, known to the general public for having written The Bridge, a true founder of the Northern European Thriller series, is surely more important.

The release of this series is scheduled for April 5th.

Our Planet: we all know how Netflix is focusing on documentaries. Our planet is overwhelming proof. After the fantastic Planet Earth, another docuseries arrives to make us discover our beloved and distrained earth, in eight different episodes. At a time in which we are realizing how difficult the protection of the environment can be and people are finally taking to the streets to demonstrate, it is certainly good and right to better understand the Earth’s functioning. But our planet does not just want to be an educational series. Rather. The series will accompany us showing us some breathtaking images of animals and more. A real eye candy. On the other hand, many Netflix documentaries show a marked visual taste. So let us not be frightened by the notional aspect and try to go further. It will certainly be worth it.

Our planet’s release is scheduled for 5 April 2019.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 2: after the incredible success of the first season, the Teen witch Sabrina prepares to return to the small screen again. As if this news were not enough, we already know that the season has been renewed for a third and even a fourth season. This second cycle of episodes, although consistent with the previous ones, will have a decidedly darker aesthetic and storyline. This season we will see a significantly more powerful and more aware Sabrina who is about to investigate around the dark side of her family, but above all her own. Without telling you too much, be sure that if you loved the first season, also this second season will not be a disappointment.

The wait is however short since the release date is scheduled for April 5th.

No good Nick: Comedy lovers, do not be afraid, something of your liking will be added this month to the Netflix catalog also for you. I’m talking about No Good Nik, a sitcom with traditional features, as we haven’t seen in a long time. The script tells the story of a quiet bourgeois and well-meaning family whose peace is disturbed by the arrival of an apparently very clever and deceptive thirteen-year-old girl.

This unexpected appearance will generate imbalances but also lots of funny situations. The two parents will be played by Melissa Joan Hart (the historical actress from the previous version of Sabrina’s life as a witch) and by Sean Austin, none other than the Hobbit Sam Gangee whom we saw and loved in the blockbuster trilogy The Lord of the Rings. We will instead see Kalama Epstein and Lauren Lindsey Donzis in the role of the sons and Siena Agudong in that of Nick, the clever little girl.

The series will be available on Netflix from Monday 15 April.

Chambers: Also this month Netflix wants to capture the attention of the so-called “Young Adults” with a brand new series of paranormal hues. This new original production will be embellished by a remarkable cast. In particular, the protagonist will be embodied by Uma Thurman. To understand what it will talk about and above all to get a taste of what we will see, here is a brief synopsis released by the scarlet colossus itself:

“A young girl who survived a heart attack becomes obsessed with the mystery surrounding the heart that saved her life. However, the closer she comes to revealing the truth about the sudden death of its donor, the more she begins to take on the characteristics of the deceased – some of which are worryingly obscure.”

The story is written and created by Leah Rachel whom we have already seen dealing with the series Luke Cage, The 100 and American Horror story.

Together with the already mentioned Thurman, we will see the young Sivan Alyra acting as co-protagonist. Unfortunately, the trailer has not come out yet, but don’t worry, the date was recently revealed by Uma herself during an interview: April 26th.

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